How to measure for cord pull

Step 1 – First, using a metal tape measure, measure across the top of the window, the middle, and the bottom.

Step 2 – If you are fitting into a recess, make a note of the smallest measurement, then deduct 2 centimeters. This will be the finished size for the width.

Step 3 – Then, do the same for the drop — measuring from the top of the recess down to the bottom of the window sill. Write down the smallest measurement. We recommend keeping a small roll of fabric at the bottom of the blind of at least 10 cm. This gives the blind some weight and stability. It will be easier to roll up and down.

For example if your window recess measurements are 90cm width and 120cm drop.
90cm – 2cm = Finished blind width is 88cm
120cm + 10cm = Finished blind height 130cm

Due to the construction of the slats and weaving of the blinds, we can unfortunately not always guarantee hitting your measurements 100%. There is an error margin of up to 0.5 cm.

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