About us

HISTORY The idea of bamboo roller blinds started as a personal mission. We had natural brown bamboo blinds in our childhood home, and we could remember so clearly the cosy and warm atmosphere they created.  We remember that feeling of rolling the blinds up and down endlessly, and how fun it was to play with the locking mechanism. We remember cold winter days with the blinds rolled all the way down and with lit candles on the window sill, and we remember how the sun shone between the slits, casting a wonderful light. They played their part in making us feel like we were in a wonderful home.

Later, we wanted to re-create the cosy mood in our own homes, and we started looking for the roller blinds. After failing to find the blinds in Denmark, we decided to start our own business, and we launched Color & Co in 2014.

Today, we design and sell modernised bamboo roller blinds with several different products and variants in bamboo.

WHY We wanted to contribute toward a more environmentally-friendly world, and we wanted to create the best conditions for future generations. We are passionate about sustainability, which is expressed in our products.

HOW We offer products in a Scandinavian style, perfect for decorating your home. The products help create a simple but decorative and warm expression.

WHAT The products are made of bamboo and other sustainable materials. We offer bamboo products ranging from blinds, lamps and table runners to notice boards. They come in different colours, variants and shapes.

We believe that our blinds are perfect for creating a very personal home with a great atmosphere. Not only do they block sunlight, but they are also incredibly beautiful to the eye.

Rikke Kristina Flachs and Sofie Flachs Melson

Color & Co