Customising the roller blinds

Our blinds can be customised by width and height. We cut the blinds to your measurements as precisely as possible. Due to the construction of the slats of the blinds, we can unfortunately not always guarantee hitting your measurements 100%. There is an error margin of up to 0.5 cm. If the blinds exceed the trimming measurement, we will cut the blinds according to these.

The trimming can be selected when you buy the blind, and it costs 47 EUR / 42 GBP per blind for trim of the width and 40 EUR / 35 GBP including VAT per blind per trim of the height.

The blinds can be cut length-wise, but we recommend leaving the excess to hang as a roll, as bamboo is a very light material and the roll will not be very big.

If you order trimming, the production time will be extended to max. 3 weeks from the time the order is registered. Furthermore, the right of cancellation is void for customised products from the time we begin trimming them.

If you want to adjust the blind yourself, we recommend using sharp scissors or a small saw. Please contact us if you need further instruction on doing this.

Trimming options width-wise, without moving the string system:

Size 80 cm can be trimmed down to 60 cm.
Size 90 cm can be trimmed down to 70 cm.
Size 100 cm can be trimmed down to 72 cm.
Size 120 cm can be trimmed down to 90 cm.
Size 130 cm can be trimmed down to 100 cm
Size 140 cm can be trimmed down to 110 cm.
Size 160 cm can be trimmed down to 130 cm.
Size 180 cm can be trimmed down to 140 cm.


If additional trimming is necessary beyond the measurements listed above, the cord/lock system of the blinds must be moved. This means that the system may be placed different than other blinds in a standard size. If you have specific requests, blinds in extra large or small sizes, contact us at +45 71997172, or send an email to We would love to help you!