Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions regarding delivery, payment, and right of return.
Which type of payment can I use?
You can use creditcard when paying. You can also pay with Paypal or by bank transfer to: sort code 8117, account no. 4752621, IBAN: DK5781170003561202BIC: NYKBDKKK. If you choose this kind of payment, you are not covered by,  the charge-back scheme.
When can I expect to receive my blinds?
Products ordered in the web shop will normally be sent within 3-5 weekdays after the order has been received. When ordering customised blinds, we can ship the product after about 3 weeks.
When can I expect to receive my blinds in the UK?

Blinds ordered on the web shop will normally be sent within 3-5 week days after the order has been received. When ordering customised blinds (trimmed cord pull blinds and all chain pull blinds),  we can ship the order after about 3 weeks. Standard delivery to the UK is via road and can take up to 2 weeks due to UK customs clearance processes. 

For business /trade buyers – if you do not have an EORI number this will slow down UK custom clearance. Please enter your EORI number into the Order Summary notes when you check out if you have one.

What does the shipping cost and who do you use for the delivery?
Ordered goods are primarily sent with UPS. We strive to deliver to your home address, but we can also chose to deliver to the nearest Access Point if this is close by. There is a fixed shipment and handling price of 25 Euros / 22 GBP per order to the nearest Access Point.
We can also deliver to your home or office, in which case the price is 35 Euros / 32 GBP for Standard Shipping. The price will be 45 Euro (Standard) or 35 Euro (Access Point) for deliveries to these following countries – Cyprus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic. The prices may vary due to currency exchange. Deliveries to islands with no bridge access e.g Jersey, may have a different price, this price will be added after the order has been done. Please contact us for further information.
What additional costs are there for orders delivered to the UK?

There are no longer any additional costs for shipping to the UK. We collect 20% VAT upfront and ship your order from Denmark with all the import fees paid for.

What do I do if I want to cancel my purchase?
If you want to return a product, please send us an email. The contact form on the website can also be used. You must contact us within 14 days after receiving the product.

The customer must pay the shipment costs for returning a product purchased at

In case of returns, send the product to:
Color & Co
Datavej 24
3460 Birkerød

All product purchases carried out at can also be cancelled by refusing to accept the product at the address. Packages and letters delivered cash-on-delivery will not be accepted.

For customised products, either through adjustments or for customised production, the normal right of cancellation still applies for 14 days after the order has been submitted. If has started making the product, the right of cancellation is void.

What do I do if I want to file a complaint about a product?
If you make a purchase at, you have 24 months’ right to claim compensation for a defective product. This means that, depending on the situation, you can get your money back or have the product replaced. This right must however be legitimate, and defects should not have resulted from damage to the product after purchase. The product must be sent back in suitable packaging.

Our bamboo blinds are made of a natural material. Small imperfections may occur, which is a natural and unavoidable part of a unique and natural product. Therefore, these imperfections cannot be regarded as defects.

In time, our blinds may become discoloured in the sun. To avoid discolouration, we recommend not hanging the blinds in direct sunlight, or treating them with an UV spray or a natural oil or lacquer.

I paid by BACs/ Paypal and I have not had confirmation of my order?
If the email is correct on the order, please check the spam folder for the confirmation email. It should be sent out automatically by our system. If it is not in there, please send an email to
I did not receive a confirmation of my order?

If the email is correct please check the spam folder for the order confirmation. It is sent out automatically via our system. If it is not there, please send an e-mail to

Frequently asked questions regarding measurements, trimming, etc.
How do I find out more about customising the roller blinds?
How do I find out the measurements that my blinds should have?
You can find our instructions for measuring the roller blinds with chain and cord pull here.
How precisely do you customise the roller blinds with cord pull in the width?
Due to the construction of the slats of the blinds, we can unfortunately not always guarantee hitting your measurements 100%. There is an error margin of up to 0.5 cm. If the blinds exceed the trimming measurement, we will cut the blinds according to these.
Is it necessary to trim the blinds length-wise?
No, we recommend keeping a roll of at least 10 cm at the bottom. The roll is visually appealing and also keeps the blinds in position by adding some weight at the bottom, thus avoiding that they flutter when the window is open. They can also be easier to roll all the way down when there is a bit weight in the bottom of the blind.
How big is the roll when the blinds are all rolled up?
Bamboo is a delicate and light material, so the roll is not very big. For the largest blinds with the thickest fabric, such as Brown bamboo, the roll measures a maximum of 10 cm in diameter at a length of 230 cm. On our smallest blinds with the finest fabric, the diameter of the roll is a maximum of 5 cm, such as Brown fine bamboo at a length of 160 cm.
What does it cost to trim the blinds?
The price is 47 EUR / 42 GBP per blind for trimming of the width and 40 EUR / 35 GBP per blind per trimming of the height. Prices is including 25% of VAT. This VAT will be deducted for all orders to the UK.

If you order customisation, there will be a longer production time of approx. three weeks from the time the order is registered. In addition, the right of withdrawal for customised items is lifted as soon as we start customising.

Frequently asked questions regarding the usage, installation and components
What do I do if the cord breaks on the blinds?
The cord can be replaced.

Call us at +45 7199 7172 or write to
We will send you a new cord right away.

Are the blinds suitable for bathrooms?
All our blinds can be hanged in moist areas. We do however not recommend hanging the blinds in direct contact with water, for instance inside the shower area.
Which side is the cord pull on?
The cord pull is always on the right side of the blinds as standard, on roller blinds with cord pulls. The cord pull can be changed so that the cords are on the left side for a fee of 56 EUR. 
Are hooks and cleats included for roller blinds with cord pull?
Yes, hooks and a cord cleats can be found in a small bag rolled up in the blind. Sometimes the bag is rolled into the bottom of the roll. If the bag is missing, please contact us at, and we will send you a new set.
What does the top of the cord pull roller blind look like?
The top of the roller blind with cord pull has 2-3 fittings depending on the width of the blind. Two for blinds from 30-120 cm, three for blinds wider than 120 cm, and up to four for extra large blinds up to 240 cm in width. The pulley comes in two colours (silver and black) for our bamboo blinds and in two colours for our natural plant blinds (white and brown).

Silver lock and pulley

White pulley for our plant blinds

Black lock and pulley

Are brackets and screws included for roller blinds with chain pull?
The brackets for the blind as well as bracket covers are included, and will be packed in a small bag together with the blinds. A child safety tension device for the chain pull is also included. However screws are not included, since the type of screws can vary, depending on the material on which the blind is mounted.
How deep are the brackets for the chain pull blind?
The brackets for the blind size depends on the design of the blind and the size. The brackets can vary from 5 cm in depth to 9 cm.

What material is the chain for the roller blinds with chain pull made of?
Our metal chain is nickelfree and made of stainless steel. Our black and white chains are made of plastic.
Can the blinds be installed vertically and horizontally?
All of our blinds can be installed both vertically and horizontally with the hooks and brackets that are supplied with the blinds.
Can I install the blinds myself at home?
All of our blinds can easily be installed by yourself at home. However for our blinds in an XL size, we recommend that you have an extra set of hand to help. Please see our instructions for further information here.
Can I choose the cleat and pulley colour ?
The cleat and pulley comes with standard colouring, and is different depending on the design of the blind. The pulleys are either silver or black on our bamboo roller blinds. The colour of the pulleys are either white or brown on all of our natural plant blinds.

You have an option to choose the colour of the pulley if you order blinds in extra large sizes. Please let us know if you have a preference.

Frequently asked questions regarding the blinds
Do the blinds comply with EU child safety regulations?
All our blinds conform with the Child Safety European legislation (EN13120). The purpose of this safety standard is to minimise the risk that children are seriously injured by the cord. All our blinds therefore comes with cleats and a chain tension device. We also recommend installing these devises at least 150 cm from the floor, and that cots and furniture are not placed near the blinds.
How do you clean the blinds?
All of our blinds can be vacuumed with a small suction, we recommend using a brush suitable for the vacuum cleaner. Our bamboo blinds can also be wiped over carefully with a wrung-out damp cloth.
Where can I see your blinds?

All our distributors have a sample folder with a selection of our roller blinds. You can find the distributors under the menu item “Find distributor”. If we don’t have a distributor in your country, you can always order a free sample of your favorite designs here.

How much sunlight will pass through the blinds?

The blinds cover from approx. 25 – 98 percent.

Can the blinds be used outdoors?

As a material, bamboo can hold up well for outdoor use, as long as the blinds hangs dry. The blinds can withstand water, Bamboo is an incredibly strong material, but wind and weather corrode cords / threads and locks. You must be aware that the guarantee lapses if the curtains are hung outdoors. We recommend choosing natural blinds for outdoor use, as the natural blinds fade less than the colored blinds. The blinds should only be hung outside during the summer. They may also be treated with a NANO spray, or a neutral furniture oil, to make them more resistant.