Brown plant roller blind

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Roller blind in brown plant. This beautiful and completely unique blind is woven from threads from the stalk of the jute plant. Together, the weave of the jute threads and the fine white threads form a very special striped pattern. When the curtain is rolled out, it is almost invisible, but it shows up in different light and when you look at it up close. The roller blind gives a beautiful and natural look to the home, and creates warmth and coziness in all rooms.

Further information

All our roller blinds conform to EU child safety directive EN 13120. The purpose of this safety standard is to minimise the risk that children are seriously injured by the cord.

Blocking sunlight

This curtain has a light blocking factor of 75%. Our curtains are divided into four categories according to how much sunlight they block: 25%, 50%, 75% and 98%. These are designations for how much sunlight is blocked.


Custom size blinds

For custom size blinds, first choose a standard size that we can trim down for you, then tell us the dimensions you wish us to trim to. Please ensure you have followed our measuring guidelines. Find more info on measurements here

Type your desired width in cm up to 1 decimal point (e.g. 102,5)

Type your desired height in cm up to 1 decimal point (e.g. 102,5)

All our blinds with cord pull have right side pull as standard. Do you want left side pull instead?

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