Dark grey paper roller blind, with chain pull

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Roller blind in dark grey paper. The material of the roller blind is woven with paper fibres, dyed in a dark grey, and with dark grey threads. The paper material is woven on large looms, and it takes about 30 days to make. The natural material from the thread is placed on the hooks of the loom until the weaving process is complete. The material has a truly amazing surface, which resembles finely woven wool. It is a particularly beautiful blind, with a dark grey colour and natural material, which will add a truly special and exclusive feel to your home.

Further information

All our roller blinds conform to EU child safety directive EN 13120. The purpose of this safety standard is to minimise the risk that children are seriously injured by the cord. A patented safety device has also been installed in the blinds, which makes the cord and the blinds split apart when weight is applied.

Blocking sunlight

This curtain has a light blocking factor of 50% Our curtains are divided into four categories according to how much sunlight they block: 25%, 50%, 75% and 98%. These are designations for how much sunlight is blocked.

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