Grey paper panel curtains

93.75 / m2

Panel curtains in grey paper. The material is woven with grey-dyed paper fibres and grey thread. The incredibly beautiful surface of the material, which is not entirely uniform, brings a truly special and exciting expression to your home. This also means that even though the panel surfaces can be very large, they will not be dense, uniform and dull. The panels can also easily be used as room dividers, for example at the office, in the living room or in the children’s rooms. You can also be creative and use them as cabinet doors or in front of your walk-in closet.

A curtain rail system is not included, but can easily be purchased in the nearest curtain store or Ikea.

Further information

The panel curtains can be made in up to 25 meters in lenght. Contact us if you have any specific requests.

Blocking sunlight

This curtain has a light blocking factor of 50%. Our curtains are divided into four categories according to how much sunlight they block: 25%, 50%, 75% and 98%. These are designations for how much sunlight is blocked.

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