Brown fine bamboo roller blind

An elegant roller blind in brown bamboo. Fine bamboo sticks are woven together with golden brown thread. The curtain is made of natural bamboo, which has been through a heat process that darkens the material. Thus, the bamboo is completely dyed.

Gray-brown bamboo blinds

Blinds in gray brown bamboo. An incredibly beautiful curtain that is joined with slats of approx. 1 cm thick and fine thin bamboo sticks. The curtain is woven with gray threads. The curtain gives a wonderful beautiful light as the sun shines through. The curtain adds a warm and natural feel to the home’s room, while also giving the home a design edge with the fine structure of the material.

White natural plant roller blind

Roller blind in white natural plant with stripes. The roller blind is woven fine with jute, the stripes are approx. 1 cm wide and woven with light thread. Jute is a textile extracted from the jut plant style. The material can produce memories of the 60’s hessian trends. The curtain is incredibly beautiful and exclusive to all rooms where you want a very special feeling of warmth and cosiness. Also available in the color brown nature.

Our products:


See our incredibly beautiful and sustainable bamboo blinds here. All our roller blinds are childproof and in a super nice quality.


From bamboo fads to beautiful lamps and table fitters. Find your very beautiful beautiful and unique product to beautify your home.

Panel Curtains

Our beautiful panel curtains in either bamboo or paper can cover whole window sections. There are unmatched possibilities in several different designs.

Creating spaces

Share your rooms with a smart space sharing fiction in bamboo or paper. For example, create two rooms in one big room the possibilities are endless.

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Color & Co

WHY We want to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world and we want to create the best conditions for future generations. We are passionate about sustainability, which is reflected in our products.

HOW We offer products in a Scandinavian style that are easy to decorate the home with. The products contribute to a simple but decorative and warm expression.

WHAT The products are made of bamboo and other durable materials. Products are offered in bamboo from curtains, lamps, table runners to notice boards. They come in different colors, variants and structures.