Brown natural bamboo roller blind

Brown natural bamboo roller blind. Approx. 10 mm-wide bamboo slats, held together by thin, light sticks. The blinds are weaved with threads in dusty-green and brown nuances. The darker, brown colours are obtained by heating the bamboo. The material is therefore coloured all the way through without the use of paint. Exclusive quality!

  • Width (cm) * 

    Min: 30Max: 140

  • Height (cm) * 

    Min: 30Max: 160

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  • Side of pull * 

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Bamboo is a natural product and colour matching cannot be guaranteed. Please order a free bamboo sample if in doubt.

All our roller blinds conform to EU child safety directive EN 13120. The purpose of this safety standard is to minimise the risk that children are seriously injured by the cord.

This brown natural bamboo roller blind has a sunlight blocking factor of approximately 75%. Our blinds are divided into four categories according to how much sunlight we assess they block: 25%, 50%, 75% and 98%. We recommend ordering a sample as this is based on an individual evaluation. You can order a free sample here.

These are the hooks and cleats used for this blind. They are provided free of charge.

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Weight 1 kg




Blocking of sunlight